Discover What’s Right With You & How It Can Help You Get Things Done - 045

Hey ADDers! So glad you could join me for today’s podcast episode. I’ve talked a lot about the challenges of adult life with ADHD, including Executive Function Deficits, and I’ve offered you lots of action steps to take. I’ve also talked about you as the “human being” and not the “human doing.” I got to thinking that I haven’t talked about Strengths, or rather “your strengths” yet and so today’s the day for that. I remember this information was important to me years ago and perhaps it will be important for you as well.

First, a little about what’s right with you. Each of you came to this lifetime with gifts and strengths. Whether you appreciate or value your gifts and strengths is a different issue; however, you have gifts and strengths. That said, accepting what your gifts and strengths are and working with them seems like the best road to personal happiness and success. And I don’t mean accepting...

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