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At this exclusive MasterClass you'll be able to stop procrastination in its tracks, know what it takes to eliminate it, and generate productivity you'll be proud of every day.


You will…

👉 Understand why you procrastinate and learn how to remove it from your life for good


👉 Finally know what it takes to complete the task at hand, and 


👉 Identify YOUR specific motivation style and learn how to leverage it to your advantage!


Heck, you may even discover that you are able to get 2x as much done in the same amount of time!


In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this exclusive MasterClass:


🙌 Procrastination has caused enough suffering in your life, it's time to put a stop to it...


🙌 You will finally have the tools to free up time to allow you to focus on the things that REALLY excite you...


🙌 Against popular belief, you can eliminate procrastination for good and you'll learn how to make that happen...


🙌 The guilt and embarrassment from procrastination has taken enough of your life energy...


🙌 You will quickly start to save money by avoiding paying late fees...


... and much, MUCH More!


Don't miss this exclusive MasterClass where you can FINALLY have the confidence, tools, and knowledge to eliminate procrastination from your life and get more done.



What reasons do you give yourself for your procrastination? 


Too tired? 

Can't focus?

Can't decide what to do next?

Not enough time to get things done? 

The truth is most adults procrastinate on things when they don't know where or how to get started.  They don't finish things when they don't know how to keep going.  Do you start projects and move from task to task in an attempt to be successful with something, only to leave a trail of unfinished items behind you? 


The Procrastination Banished masterclass reveals the underlying reasons for common roadblocks and teaches you how to follow through no matter how big the challenge.

Learn this valuable skill now AND get a reduced program fee in the future! 


☞ If you want to start working with Dr B but don’t want to wait until the next enrollment period in June 2020, this new MasterClass is designed for you. 

☞ This MasterClass is a valuable stand-alone learning experience where you can pick up life-changing skills and strategies.

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☞ Enroll now and enjoy this unique and insightful learning experience with Dr B.

PROCRASTINATION BANISHED! 90 Minute Training with Handout & Private Forum Access

Top features, benefits and HUGE bonus:

  • WHY procrastination is just a symptom blocking your success
  • WHAT you need to know to transform its meaning 
  • HOW to go step by step to create success w/o stalling out
  • IMAGINE the future you getting started and finishing 
  • NOW is when you get to say goodbye to procrastination

How will you BENEFIT?  Getting.  Stuff. Done.  Quicker, easier, and more than you could have imagined.  Let procrastination be a thing of the past.

BONUS!  As part of your tuition, you will have access to me in a private forum 6 days/week to ask questions about procrastination and using what we covered in the MasterClass. 


If you’ve struggled with chaos, overwhelm, disorganization, motivation, and a brain that seems to be working against you, then you probably already know that the “just do it” approach doesn’t work. 

If trying harder was the answer then you would already have the systems, habits, and skills in place to live the efficient and productive life you know you’re capable of.

You might not know:

ADHD alone may not be responsible for your challenges. Your challenges are NOT your fault. You are not incapable, deficient, or less than—but you might be missing the tools that you need.


     "The essential pieces of my ADD/EFD self-care stack:  Medication, proper nutrition, exercise, good sleep and Dr B's program.  When I get sufficient amounts of all of it, I'm unstoppable. 

     Of all the many mental health pros I've worked with, she's the first to understand my executive functioning issues first-hand.  She's a true unicorn of the mental healthcare world!"

~ Shelby

     "I spent the first 50 years wondering what was wrong with me? Why am I not like my other friends, am I broken? In one year of working with Dr B, I’ve been able to change the things in my life that used to keep me from succeeding.

     Now my life after 60 will be much better than it was before 60. My relationships are better, my work and personal life have dramatically improved because of what I learned."

- Mario

Save My Seat!

This is for you if:

  • You struggle to find the motivation to start a task, even when it’s something you want to do.

  • No matter how much you’re spending time doing, nothing seems to get done.

  • You’ve been told you’re “too much,” but you don’t know how to change because you don’t see it.

  • Your home and office are cluttered with piles of paper, unsorted mail, and stacks of bills with no end (or system) in sight.

  • Any long term project is boring and, therefore, impossible to finish.

  • Obsession with details makes big-picture thinking out of reach.

  • No matter how many calendars you use and promises you make, you continue to miss important events with people you love.

  • Your emotions seem to get away from you and you spend days beating yourself up about how you “should” have acted.

  • You can’t tear yourself away from meaningless activities (Netflix binges and Facebook scrolling) no matter how many other things you need to do.

Your success is inevitable if you do the right work with the right tools!


     I know first-hand how painful life with ADHD can be. There was a time when my life was a wreck and out of control. I went through life undiagnosed and traveled down many unproductive rabbit holes searching for answers. I am a lifelong learner and once I honed in on the fact that I had ADHD, I immersed myself in the literature and science so that I could learn everything possible to help me turn around my own chaos. 

     I wish someone had told me what I’m about to tell you 30 years ago. 

     If you commit just 90 minutes of your time, I promise to give you the tools you need to live a life free from the pain of the chaos. My dream for you is that you will leave our time together with HOPE and ANSWERS.

I’ll see you there!

Dr B

Dr. Barbara Cohen ADD/ADHD Therapist
Save My Seat!