Learn How to Manage Life Successfully Without Stalling Out AND Without Leaving Things Unfinished!

Wondering if you’re a good fit for Procrastination Banished!

Are you tired of waging war in your mind over all the things you need to do? 

Are you sick of struggling with anxiety, negative self-talk, and overwhelm related to leaving things undone? 

Maybe you’re the kind of person who’s enthusiastic about life and all the possibilities. 

Others probably call you a “Go-Getter” with a brilliant mind--and you love the chase. You love getting started but it’s the follow-through you can’t quite accomplish, especially when you get stuck in the middle. 

Or maybe you get bored easily. There’s just so much to do and you flit from one task to the next, but nothing ever seems to get done. Like those two-day old dishes sitting by the couch... You were interrupted by the dog scratching at the door to go out... Then your best friend texted. 

Then... Then...Then...Sound familiar?  

Procrastination, whether it occurs at the beginning, middle or end of a task, has consequences. While you may put off things until later, the effects of procrastination don’t wait to wreak havoc on your job, your family, your health, and so much more.  

And the worst thing is procrastination robs YOU of achieving your fullest potential! 

Are you stalled out? Overwhelmed by the clutter, disorganization, and missed deadlines? Are you telling yourself that you procrastinate because you’re lazy, not good enough, or you’ll never amount to anything anyway? Ouch! Your life isn’t supposed to be this way.

I'm Ready to Banish Procrastination

Introducing Procrastination Banished!: 

You’ll bust through those roadblocks that detour all your “get-it-done” efforts.

You’ll intentionally choose, and then complete the things you set out to accomplish.

All your efforts will become automatic with no time for letting your emotions get in the way.

You’ll be celebrating yourself for all the small and big things you’ve taken charge of and completed.

☞ Procrastination will be a thing of your past!

Procrastination Banished! is a MasterClass designed to reveal the underlying reasons for the common roadblocks you face, and teaches you how to follow through no matter what. Through a step-by-step process, you’ll understand why procrastination is just a symptom blocking your success, what you need to know to transform its meaning, and how to go step-by- step to create success without stalling out in your efforts to achieve your goals.

As part of this MasterClass, you’ll receive: 

  • A 90-minute video training, detailing each of the potential roadblocks blocking you from your success and the steps to ensure procrastination is banished for good

  • A comprehensive companion workbook so you can take notes, reflect,  process and practice the lifework exercises

  • Access to coaching for 30 days with Dr B in a private forum, 5 days/week, to work through the Procrastination Banished! methodology step-by-step using real scenarios from your life. You get to explore questions about the barriers and motivations related to procrastination, as well as practice each of the steps as you get personal feedback from Dr B 

  • A MasterClass replay with lifetime access so that you can rewatch and refresh yourself on these valuable tools and information


Today is My Day to Banish Procrastination For Good!


“I recently took your procrastination MasterClass, and my favorite takeaway was the “good enough” idea. Usually, I'm ridiculously meticulous, and make sure I get every detail perfect, and often it takes forever to finish... And I just wrote [an] email in a reasonable timeframe and made sure it was good enough. It absolutely worked. Thank you, Dr B.” 


Meet Dr B

Hi, I’m Dr B!

I’m a transformational educator, ADHD Coach and psychotherapist committed to helping adults struggling with focus, follow-through, and overwhelm due to their under-developed EF skills.

With over 30 years of experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of CA, a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, and a lifetime of experience with my own ADHD brain, I’ve developed a step-by-step approach to overcoming your ADHD challenges, including Procrastination.

I coach bright, creative individuals to learn the strategies and systems that help them develop core life skills and tools needed to thrive.

Dr. Barbara Cohen ADD/ADHD Therapist
I'm Ready to Banish Procrastination

Procrastination Banished! Is Perfect For You If…

  • You lack the motivation to start a task, even when it’s something you want to do

  • You spend a lot of time doing things, but nothing seems to get done

  • Your home and office are cluttered with piles of paper, unsorted mail, and stacks of bills with no end (or system) in sight

  • Your obsession with details makes big-picture thinking out of reach

  • Any long term project is boring and, therefore, impossible to finish

  • Your emotions get in your way, and you spend days beating yourself up about how you “should” have acted

  • You can’t tear yourself away from meaningless activities (Netflix binges, Facebook scrolling, etc.) no matter how many other things you need to do

  • You’re ready to get control of your life, and all the things you’ve left unstarted and unfinished

Procrastination Banished! May Not Be For You If...

  • You’re tackling your work, goals and daily life with intentionality

  • Your life’s motto is “Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.”

  • You’re a minimalist who thrives in a life without clutter with a to-the-minute scheduled life to accomplish everything

  • Others admire your attention to detail and trust you to get the job done well

  • You know you don’t have a problem with procrastination

  • You like your messy life of unproductivity and the stress it causes

  • You don’t want to do the work required to get rid of procrastination forever

  • You like to use the phrase, “I’m a procrastinator,” as your identity

Frequently Asked Question About Procrastination Banished!

You Can’t Let Procrastination Rob You Of Your Future Success and Sense Of Fulfillment Any More! 

The urgency is on you. Do you want to remain stalled out, chronically frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed, when you don’t have to? 

You don’t have to see others succeed and miss out on your own success because of procrastination. Don’t miss out anymore. Take charge of all those unfinished things in your life. 

You get to make life what you want it to be. 

Procrastination Banished! is the answer for you. Get started today! 

I'm Ready to Banish Procrastination

Are You Ready To Finally Become A Finisher? 

It’s time to stop struggling with uncompleted promises to yourself and others, with unfinished projects at work and at home. It’s time to take charge of open-ended tasks and finish them up. Learn the skills you need to get yourself going again. 

 Through proven methodologies and strategies, you’ll feel confident as you face and overcome each roadblock to your success. 

You’ll be applying yourself to your projects and tasks, no matter how big or small, and completing them. You’ll be feeling peaceful and calm as you move into your tasks, trusting yourself to finish them when you need to. How will that change your life?

Here’s What You Get:

  • 90-minute MasterClass training video so that you get the why, what and how for banishing procrastination forever

  • Comprehensive companion workbook so you can take notes, reflect,  process and practice the lifework exercises

  • Access to coaching for 30 days with Dr B in a private forum, 5 days/week, to work through the methodology and ask questions about your roadblocks and symptoms, and the steps to banish procrastination in your life, using what was covered in the MasterClass

  • A MasterClass replay with lifetime access so that you can rewatch and refresh yourself on these valuable tools and information

Can you put a price on your transformation and the positive results you will experience from banishing procrastination from your life?

Is it worth $147 for you to overcome your roadblocks that prevent you from getting everything done when it needs to be done?  Is finishing all your unfinished projects worth $147?  Is leaving behind all your stress and overwhelm (that’s connected to your procrastination) worth $147? 

You could save $147 in penalties just by being able to file your taxes on time!

Now Is When YOU Get To Say ‘Goodbye’ To Procrastination And ‘Hello’ To Life As A Finisher! 

Feel The Power of Accomplishment Ruling Your Life--Of Harnessing The Skill Of Never Leaving Things Unfinished! 

This Is Your Destiny! Let’s Do It Now!

I'm Ready to Banish Procrastination