Pink's Journey

I was born on April 8, 2011 ~ 9 pm to a mom and dad who are both AKC creme-colored English Golden Retrievers like me. I was the second born in a liter of 9 brothers and sisters. Here I am at 4 days old with the pink piece of yarn given to me when I was born.Here's a photo of my brothers and sisters; we all have a different piece of colored yarn.Getting cuter every day...I'm 5 weeks old and meeting Dr B. She found me and we knew each other immediately.I'm learning the house rules and having to stay behind the baby gates until I learn everything I need to know about living here. Dr B's a great teacher for me.I started my schooling pretty early on - obedience and then certification. I graduated!!Really enjoyed classes; especially once I got to the fun stuff like advanced agility classes.

Some additional things about me...

  • I go to synagogue most Friday evenings and love being with everyone there.  I make an exceptional "greeter" and like to do that for the High Holy Day services.
  • I've made hospital visits to the ICU, when my "grandma" was there, and even helped the nursing staff with other patients.
  • I love it when Dr B does her Facebook live videos because I like to join in on the action.
    I make a great body-double and companion because I have even more patience now that I'm a little bit older.
  • I was in formal classes for most of my life.  I'm getting my own agility equipment so I can train more often in my own awesome backyard!

Thanks for wanting to know more about me!   

~ Pink


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