Do you feel completely disorganized, overwhelmed by daily tasks, and frustrated by the amount of planners and systems you've tried to "fix" your life?

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After 30+ years of working almost exclusively with adults and professionals with ADHD - and being an adult and professional with ADHD myself...

I discovered there are key steps you need to follow to release your limiting beliefs, develop your Executive Function Skills, and FINALLY unlock your hidden potential.

By now I am sure you have learned that medication, self-help books, planners, and apps - on their own - DO NOT work. Because NONE of those things teach you these key steps.

In this 3-part FREE Live training, I reveal to you EXACTLY what those key steps are!

Note: these trainings are held LIVE on September 21, 23 and 26. Replays will be available for a limited time, if you can't attend live - but only to those who register ahead of time. And, if you CAN make it live for this epic 3-part training, you'll also be able to ask questions and get answers to help you get unstuck and more in control of your life.


How to Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs by Practicing Just 15 Minutes a Day

Happening on September 21, 2022


11:30am PDT / 2:30pm EDT / 7:30pm BST


You’ll discover:

  • Two of the most common misconceptions that sabotage all your best efforts in improving your life. Plus, the truths you should replace them with instead.
  • Why “going backward” is the best way to effectively learn the core life skills that will help propel your life forward.
  • The ‘4-Minute Mile’ and how it can help you challenge your own beliefs that endlessly repeat inside your head.
  • What’s the difference between a limiting belief and an ‘outdated’ identity statement? Find the answers here.
  • The 3-step strategy you can do RIGHT NOW to finally be able to step into the person who you really wanted to be and never look back. 

3 Essential Pre-Skills You Need to Learn NOW to Actually Develop Your Executive Function Skills

Happening on September 23, 2022


2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm BST


You’ll discover:

  • What NEVER to do when trying to develop your Executive Function Skills (HINT: Ignoring this warning will move you further away from successfully developing your EF skills)
  • The “Jar System” that will help you prioritize your unique individual needs, duties, chores, and recreational activities without feeling the need to always “catch up”
  • Four easy steps to get essential tasks done, avoid missing deadlines, and still have enough time (and energy!) to do hobbies that bring you joy
  • How to eliminate procrastination for good EVEN IF you’ve been challenged by it your whole life
  • The 2-step process to make good decisions that last and are aligned with your values, plus how to finally get rid of self-doubt and insecurity about your choices

Finally Made Public: The 13 Executive Function Skills You Need in Your Life and The Best Order to Develop Them

Happening on September 26, 2022


2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm BST


You’ll know:

  • The major difference between ADHD and Underdeveloped Executive Function Skills, plus EXACTLY what to do to “treat” them and develop your skills
  • How to read your results from the FREE Executive Function Skills Self-Test (taken before the trainings) and how to determine which of your skills need development
  • The 5 Pillars of Executive Function that simplify the EF skills you need and that allow you to THRIVE and not just survive in your daily life
  • An overview of EACH of the 13 EF Skills, and the best order to learn them until they become an automatic part of your life 
  • One simple yet effective strategy to get you started in establishing the foundational skill on which all the other EF skills are built

Ready to stop searching for band-aid solutions and finally create lasting transformation in your life?

Dr B

Founder of ADDventures In Achievement

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IMPORTANT: Prior to this training, you can take my FREE EF Skills Self-Test and bring the results to each of the live training sessions to understand what they mean.

Here’s What Others Have Said About My Training… 

Dr B will take you on a journey to get where you could not get alone.

She helped me and others by first realizing and accepting where I am and helping me with skills and support to get where I wanted to go. Dr B. has the skills, patience, experience, and the gift to give you the answers and unique guidance to help you in the present and future. There were many times during coaching calls when I would say to myself, “Wow, she knows me better than I do!"

- Jim

Working with Dr B has been helpful, encouraging and has inspired real change in my life.

Because of steps she encouraged me to take, there are several tangible achievements she helped me accomplish: following up on a job opening and getting hired on the spot, changing my perspective on tasks I dreaded to instead addressing them promptly and with ease, and learning to be a kind encourager to myself, treating myself with care. I am forever grateful for her willingness to be transparent.

- R.O.

I can sum up my experience with Dr B in two words: life changing.

She is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, and her abilities and experience seem endless. Simply put, she quickly gets to the heart of things and brings about real and lasting change, from the inside out. Dr B has an innate talent that cannot be quantified in any other way than by working directly with her; truly compelling. Working with Dr B was one of the most important, life-changing decisions I ever made.

- Previous Student

Discover How To Avoid Task Overwhelm And Create Lasting Changes In Your Life This 2022 And Beyond

YES! Reserve My FREE Spot Now

IMPORTANT: Prior to this training, you can take my FREE EF Skills Self-Test and bring the results to each of the live training sessions to understand what they mean.

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