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There is NOTHING ELSE in the WORLD like the magical, transformative moments that happen inside this program!  It is the fastest and most effective way to develop your Executive Function skills, shift your limiting beliefs and upgrade your identity so that you can overcome ADHD limitations, consciously focus, gain confidence because you're competent, and discover a newfound freedom in your life. 


An important message from Dr B: 


Do YOU Feel Like...


You're just trying to survive day-by-day?

You find yourself struggling when it comes to planning or
solving problems?

You can’t pay attention or follow instructions easily?

You're unable to juggle multiple tasks successfully?

If that's the case...




Everyone’s struggle is different - for you, it might look like endless to-do lists, clothes covering your floor, constantly missing work deadlines, or the embarrassment of being late...again...

The feelings of shame, failure, and feeling like you’ll never move past these challenges can be overwhelming...even make you want to pull the covers over your head and hide from the world!


You’re not alone.


We all have different stories - and whether yours stems from trauma, a previous diagnosis of ADHD, depression, chronic anxiety, or simply finding yourself in a place in your life where you don’t want to be.


Guess what? It’s not your fault.


You've been operating your whole life with either missing or underdeveloped Executive Function Skills.

You might be asking yourself “Executive Function...what?? Is that really something I need?”


The answer is YES!


You've never been walked through the what's, the why's, or even the how's when it comes to building and
strengthening your Executive Function Skills.

Olympic athletes train their whole lives so they can count on their bodies to perform a certain way - they expect their muscles to remember what they've spent countless hours working on. The same principle is true of your brain! You've never worked those muscles before, so why should you expect them to perform when needed?

But here’s the real kicker...

You were NEVER meant to do it alone!

You have a gift to share and I want to help you share it. I’ve made it my life’s mission to end needless suffering where I am able so you can, THRIVE IN YOUR LIFE!

In addition to the pre-skills you will be acquiring in the MasterClasses, the AIA-FS program will help you more fully develop your Executive Function skills and teach you how to maintain your achievements.

What is the point of investing your time, effort and energy to more fully develop your EF skills if you can't keep those achievements?

You will benefit from more impactful, functional, and improved:

  • Perspective & Foresight
  • Task Management
  • Organization & Prioritization
  • Working Memory
  • Focus & Follow-Through
  • Planning & scheduling
  • Emotional Regulation

Learning about skills is only the first step on your journey. You need to know the HOW. My exclusive systems, tools, and lifework show you how to implement positive changes into every aspect of your life.

Each Executive Function lesson provides practical strategies that make using your newly learned skills real to you.

Each handout walks you through the basics of the skill, how it can be cultivated, challenges that can derail you, and solutions for overcoming obstacles that may arise.

You’ll also receive exercises and “lifework” to encourage implementation, so you turn what you're learning into an experience of actually knowing how the action steps play out,

Coaching on the skills and strategies personalizes and amplifies the process for you. We meet for LIVE group coaching where you will connect with me directly for the support you need. 

If you've longed for a safe space where you can just show up as yourself, and be accepted and supported...you're coming to the right place.

Plus, the EXCLUSIVE, student-only forum is a private, non-judgmental space. Use it as an additional coaching tool, as well as a safe place to share challenges & frustrations, ask questions, celebrate wins, and show support for others in your group! 

Bring your real-life issues and get help using Executive Function skills to navigate challenging situations.

⭐️ You Get It All! ⭐️


3 Immersive MasterClasses so that you can develop your foundational skills

13 Core Executive Function Lessons + Handouts to help you strengthen your EF skills

26 Live Group Coaching Calls so that you get real time answers to your questions

7 Months of Support, like nothing you've ever experienced, as you grow your Executive Function Skills

1 Life-Changing Journey that you will remember forever



See What TYPE OF RESULTS A Few Of My Students Are Experiencing In ADDventures In Achievement!


Claudia C.


"Working with Dr B has been a game-changer for me. She has been instrumental in improving my outlook/perspective in everyday life. Using values-driven instruction from Dr B, I am now able to make decisions with greater ease, reframe events/thoughts, and figure out how I can accomplish things even when there are physical limitations and other obstacles. As a result of Dr B’s guidance, I have strengthened family relationships and am finding greater joy in daily life experiences."

Christina T.


"The ADDventures in Achievement program has been such a blessing in my life! Dr B and our wonderful community provide a safe space to share and receive support from a level of understanding that I haven't found elsewhere. Her passion for helping others is unmatched! Living with ADHD has been quite a challenge, but knowing I have Dr B's expert guidance has made a positive difference in my outlook on life. Every day I continue to benefit from her knowledge and experience." 

Sunita S.


"The AIA program has really helped me see where my executive function weaknesses are and how they manifest in my life. It has provided me with multiple strategies that I can use to improve my functioning in my weak areas. I am so much better at seeing where and why I get stuck and how I can practice improving...
Having the AIA community has been such a valuable addition to my life. It’s wonderful to be with a group of people that share so many of the same qualities and challenges as me...
The AIA program and working with Dr B has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She sees the best in us, even when we don’t see it in ourselves, and by reflecting our best back to us, allows us to believe in ourselves...What a priceless gift!"

Donna J.


"I have found the AIA Foundational Skills course life-changing! As an adult who managed to earn an MA, hold down jobs, and parent a child, I discovered that my executive function was strained to the brink. Something was always falling through the cracks: bill paying, signing up for summer camps for my child, and finishing work projects well before the deadline.
Working with Dr B and the nurturing community she fosters on video calls and in the online forum has helped me learn new skills, practice them, and continue to grow... The skills gained will help you in personal and professional arenas.
Buckle your seatbelt - growth ahead!"

Mariah L.


"As a current member of the ADDventures in Achievement program, I cannot praise it enough.  It is a well thought out program with some tough pills to swallow, but it is literally changing the way I think.  Thank you Dr B.

Anyone debating or waiting, it's worth it.  So, so worth it. 

And in the meantime, check out her podcast, Living Beyond ADHD!  I keep a little pocket notebook with me to take notes."

Sharon H.


"I’ve been looking for ways to deal with the challenges of living with ADD for many years. However, I really didn’t understand executive function challenges before encountering Dr B’s work.
Her approach has helped me systematically identify my own challenges, naming the areas I struggle with. I have found as well, a deep understanding of my unique struggles (and giftedness!). Dr B has helped me to see that I can make significant changes to my brain. This discovery has been life-changing! I now have hope where I have previously only experienced frustration and despair. The work isn’t easy, but it is so worth it!!!"

Lieven from Belgium


"After years of balancing on the edge of burnout, depression and addiction, I started looking for professional help. I visited several psychiatrists, therapists and coaches but none of them seemed to understand me when I tried to explain my difficulties in life. I was close to accepting that I somehow was too different from other people to be helped.

Luckily, I stumbled upon Dr B ’s podcast. I was immediately struck by how much I recognized in her words. It was an enormous relief to hear someone talk about the negative feelings, patterns and situations I had been experiencing throughout my adult life. And even more so to hear that most of them are linked to something tangible: execution function deficits. I finally got to know what made life so hard for me!

I joined the AIA program last year and it has benefitted me tremendously in several ways. In the workshops I have learned a lot about executive function decits and how they affect me. I have also learned that some of the beliefs I have constructed over the years are holding me back. For example, I always believed that planning and scheduling would make my life boring and saltless and therefore I resisted it as much as I could. Why on earth would I captivate myself in a schedule? I now know that planning and scheduling is essential to lead an interesting and rewarding life!

The group coaching calls are fantastic too. I was uncomfortable at first to talk about my struggles in a group. But I quickly experienced that discussions with other people that can relate to the difficulties caused by EFD is very enriching."

R. Dennis


"For the past 20 years, I tried to combat my ADHD tendencies with medication prescribed by my doctor. I felt much more alert, but got nothing done. Ever since college, I had no idea why getting work done and being consistent was so difficult and painful. I have an Ivy League undergraduate degree and a Top 3 MBA. Yet, high school kids could handle basic work tasks in an hour that would take me a day or more (if I didn’t just avoid them altogether). As a management consultant at a major consulting rm, coworkers and clients couldn’t understand how I operated and I couldn’t seem to get in sync with them.

Dr B’s program opened my eyes to what I was missing: Skills. I was missing executive function skills that I didn’t know even existed. I’m now able to manage time, organize, plan for the future, prioritize, manage my emotions better and establish healthy work relationships.

What is unique about Dr B’s program is her synthesis of many different types of tactics for managing ADHD and executive function. She has created a program that changes your thinking and behavior. Now, I understand why seminars, self-help books, time-management programs and executive coaches never worked. They are not designed for people who HAVE ADHD and/or Executive Function Disorder.

Before, I felt “haunted.” For mysterious reasons, nothing came easily. I always felt like I was trying to punch my way out of a paper bag. I was constantly frustrated and became cynical about life. Now, I have backfilled many skills. I am thriving in my work and I’m more comfortable in my skin. If you struggle with ADHD and/or Executive Function Disorder, I suggest you watch some of Dr B’s videos and see for yourself if the program can work for you."

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Jim F.


"Dr B and her programs offer an amazing path for positive changes which are truly life-changing. I consider it a journey. The journey started with me learning about who I truly am and why I wanted to make changes for myself. DrBprovidedthesupport, skills, life experiences, patience, answers, safe environment, and strategies to help me reach a better version of myself. The journey does require work inside and outside of the coaching calls and especially consistency. The community that Dr B has created is great and provides another layer of support and help. There is always something to learn from others on the coaching calls and working workshops. DrB’s live event in California was a great experience and offered an environment for healing and insight.

There are many things that I continue to learn from Dr B and some of them include trust with myself, communication with myself and family, keeping sleep sacred, time and time for maintenance, emotional vs. physical needs, overwhelm, and many executive skills and strategies that continue to help me especially during these uncertain times.
Thank you Dr B!"

Kristina V.


"My participation in this program has yielded more growth than I’ve experienced throughout my life and within a relatively brief amount of time. At the heart of it all is Dr B – our patient and ercely passionate guide, who has condensed a lifetime of learning and personal experiences to create this truly unique program. I can honestly say that the concepts she presents IN THE WAY that she presents them has enabled me to experience breakthroughs in areas of my life that I just couldn’t gure out how to make progress with.
Dr B is sincerely committed to ensuring that each person who chooses to embark on this undertaking is armed with the skills and strategies needed to lead a more successful life. She’s created a safe space to learn and work through our challenges alongside an intimate supportive group of individuals who have become an extended family for me. Dr B's tough love/tell it like it is approach, combined with a knack for quickly identifying the root of the issue consistently leads to great insights while at the same time increasing our understanding of the material she presents. AIA has been truly life-changing!"

I want access to the fastest and most effective way to develop myself for the life I deserve to live.