If you're a bright, creative adult with under-developed skills, that's causing focus, follow through & self-management challenges, it's your time to move from stuck to unstoppable!



The #1 Way to Move Beyond the Years of Damage from Undiagnosed ADHD and Executive Function Dysfunction

3 Ways We Can Get Started Together...

1 - Start Listening!

Join me for humor, insights and my own point of view about adult ADHD & Executive Function, and what  you REALLY need to know to transform your overwhelm and procrastination into an unstoppable you.  I welcome your questions for the Ask Dr B episodes, so ask to your heart's content.

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2 - Join Your Community!

Where fans and friends of Dr B and the Living Beyond ADHD podcast can come to freely communicate and discuss focus, follow through, self-management and other relevant interests!  Let's support each other on this journey of becoming and living as our best SELVES!

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3 - Signature Program

You are 100% responsible for the outcomes in your life.  You can either learn how to step up and be who you need to be in order for your life to become what you envision, or not.  My program is "tailor-made" to meet you where you are, and teach you the skills you need, so you can fully step up.

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How Dr B came to be...

I was told years ago, "if you want others to be 'emotionally vulnerable' with you, you need to go first." Fair enough, especially if you don't know me.  Life has given me lots of challenges to embrace and overcome on the way to now, just like you.  Some have been harder, some have taken longer, and like you, I am a work in progress...

If your journey has been anything like mine, and you're looking for something more, I'd love to chat and show you some options.

How Dr B Helps Her Students & Clients

Results Dr B's Students Are Getting:

"I spent 50 years wondering what was wrong with me. In one year, I've been able to change the things in my life that use to keep me from succeeding. Now my life after 60 will so much better than it was before 60. My relationships are better, and my work and personal life have dramatically improved because of what I learned in the ADDventures in Achievement program."


"Thank you, Dr B for believing in me, giving me amazing skills, teaching me about trust with myself, improving my relationship with my family, improving my memory, allowing me to work with time and not against it, keeping my word, teaching me about sleep and keeping it sacred, and many more things which have made and continue to make me a better version of myself!"


"Working with Dr B has inspired real change in my life. Because of steps she encouraged me to take, I followed up on a job opening and got hired on the spot, changed my perspective on tasks I dreaded to addressing them promptly and with ease, and learning to be a kind encourager to myself, treating myself with care. I am forever grateful for her willingness to be transparent."


"The essential pieces of my ADD/EFD self-care stack: Medication, proper nutrition, exercise, good sleep, and Dr B’s program. When I get sufficient amounts of all of it, I’m unstoppable. Of all the many mental healthcare pros I’ve worked with, she’s the first to understand my executive functioning issues first-hand. She’s a true unicorn of the mental healthcare world!"


"Dr B is not only a phenomenal therapist and mentor, she is a healer, a visionary, and a stand for personal empowerment. This community has delivered more than promised, and has provided me a place to grow and process with others. I have learned powerful mindset habits, distinctions that create clarity, and accountability structures that have made my life a million times easier."


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Episode 064

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