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My name is Dr B (Dr Barbara Cohen) and I believe you have the right to live a wildly successful life, where you are happier and more productive than you are right now

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ADDventures in Achievement

You are definitely not on your own as a student in this innovative, educational, coaching program, that serves bright, creative adults with focus, follow through, self-management and executive function challenges.  This is the program for you, if you feel alone in your challenges, or are missing the best skills and strategies for your success, such as managing yourself within time, cultivating laser focus, managing moods shifts, breaking free of the procrastination-perfectionism loop, task completion, keeping your word to yourself, following through no matter what and more. As a member, you have access to weekly live video working workshops, weekly live video group coaching calls, step-by-step learning forums, 1:1 support from Dr B and a community of like-minded adults where you will quickly recognize that you are not alone, in your challenges and your gifts.  We look forward to welcoming you inside and supporting your transformation!

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Harness Your ADHD Power

If you prefer self-study courses rather than being part of a community, then this is the site for you.  A medley of course topics is being added regularly, to supplement whatever personal growth work you are already doing – whether solo or with a therapist or coach.  Upcoming topics include Communication, Organizing, Prioritizing, Task Completion, In Your Mind’s Eye, Self-Care, Procrastination, Managing Yourself in Time, Meaning-Maker, Focus, Mindfulness, Relationships, Keeping Your Word, WINS, Commitments, Follow Through, Perfection, and more.  Feel free to check out the membership program if you want more connection.

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The ADHD Coaching Company

The strengths-based and Living Lab ApproachTM of Dr B (Barbara A. Cohen, Ph.D., MFT) in coaching, therapy, research and presentations brings you the latest ADHD advances, focused on your success. She contributes to the ADHD community, locally and nationally, through speaking, writing and volunteer work.  By identifying your positive characteristics and strengths, you can turn your liabilities into assets, improve your performance and live a more effective and satisfying life.  Every adult should have the chance to create the life they want.  If ADHD is impacting your life or the life of someone you love, there is something you can do right now. Providing solutions worldwide.


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Healing the Human Spirit

Sometimes coaching isn't enough to get the job done.  You need psychotherapy (psyche:  principle of life or soul & therapeutic:  to attend to or facilitate healing) with someone who really gets you - someone who sees beyond the surface details to the deeper core - someone who can help you understand what it all means and what you can do about it. Psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship and your essential and unique healing will be facilitated through a holistic and eclectic approach.  Dr B (Barbara A. Cohen, Ph.D., MFT) provides psychotherapy solutions within the State of CA.

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I am an innovative and passionate professional with decades of experience, both personal and professional.  If you are looking to get your life in order but not knowing where to start, you are in the right place!

Let's remove any obstacles or barriers you might be facing and get you living happier and more productively - now!

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