About Dr B

Welcome! I’m the host and producer of the podcast, Living Beyond ADHD. I’m also a transformational educator, coach, psychotherapist and founder of the ADDventures In Achievement Foundational Skills Program (AIA-FS).

Like you, I am a professional with ADHD who’s spent a lot of time, effort and energy looking for solutions to my own struggles. I’ve discovered quick-fixes, medication, therapy and typical coaching are only band-aids. And some are very expensive band-aids, not only costing us financially, but also physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

After years of putting my own ADHD experience and knowledge to work for me, I developed the Empowered Achiever Effect which consists of 5 elements that provide you with scaffolding support and strategies for developing core life skills, releasing limiting beliefs, embracing a positive sense of self or identity, and keeping what you’ve achieved.

I’ve been thrilled to walk alongside my students as they move from achievement to achievement in their lives. It brings me great joy to see them walking into a newfound freedom.

I’ve never been one for stillness, activity is my rest!

When I’m not coaching, curriculum building, or podcasting, you can find me taking a long walk with my best friend, therapy dog, and permanent sidekick, Pink, playing piano, working out, or tending to my rose gardens.

When I leave this world, I want to be all used up, with my gifts and dreams out in the world, not tucked inside.

Meet Pink