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Could It Be Undiagnosed ADHD? Oct 11, 2022

Could It Be Undiagnosed ADHD?

Did you know that some studies have discovered that fewer than 20% of adults with ADHD are currently diagnosed and/or treated? (1,2,3)

And did you know that ADHD diagnoses among U.S. adults are growing four times faster than ADHD diagnoses among children (26.4%...

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10 ADHD-Friendly Ways To Get Organized Sep 19, 2022

If you’re like other adults with ADHD and underdeveloped Executive Function life skills, you may be thinking, “no way can getting and staying organized be friendly and fun!” 

I learned long ago that I needed to create games out of pretty much everything I do so that...

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Tips/How To Strengthen Executive Function Skills for Adults Sep 03, 2022

 As you may have heard me say before, you don’t have to have a diagnosis or even suspect ADHD to have underdeveloped EF skills.  

The developmental energy that was intended for strengthening them could have gotten derailed by depression, anxiety, addictions, traumas,...

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How to Win with ADHD Aug 19, 2022

Have you spent years wishing you could win at being an adult with ADHD? 

Perhaps you’re like my student, Mario:

"I spent 50 years wondering what was wrong with me? Why I’m not like my other friends; am I broken?”

Life as an adult with ADHD, or undiagnosed ADHD, is fraught...

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How to Help ADHD Without Medications Aug 03, 2022

If you’re an active listener to my “Living Beyond ADHD” podcast, you’ve often heard me say: “There are no skills in pills!” And while that statement is true, I don’t want to imply in any way that I’m for or against ADHD medications. These...

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A Student Case Study: The UK Access to Work Grant Application Process Jun 17, 2022

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the Access to Work Grant (ATW). This UK-program grant comes under the Government Department of Pensions. It is specifically designed to offer assistance if you have a ‘disability’ or ‘health condition’ that hinders your...

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What's Missing In Your ADHD Treatment Plan? May 21, 2022

First, the Facts about Adult ADHD...

Did you know that ADHD diagnoses among U.S. adults are growing four times faster than are ADHD diagnoses among children (26.4% increase among children compared to 123.3% among adults.) (1)

Also, according to some sources fewer than 20% of adults with ADHD are...

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How To Take a Leap Of Faith May 07, 2022

I spend a lot of time talking with people about the changes they want to see in their lives and about the person that they’re trying to become someday. So much time is wasted on the idea of ‘someday this or someday that” in our lives. For most, “someday” is no day at...

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The 5 Ways of Coaching Apr 23, 2022

Maybe you remember your favorite coach--the one who believed in you, who saw in you what you could not see in yourself? That coach pushed you to try new things, to move a little faster, and to dig a little deeper within yourself–all so that you’d become stronger. We can all appreciate...

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The Myth of the Quick Fix Mar 19, 2022

During the last few decades our society has been conditioned to the phenomena of the quick fix (AKA “life hacks''). With smartphones, computers, Google, microwaves, smart cars, and the multitude of technology at our fingertips, it seems natural that we’d gravitate towards finding the...

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