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Perfectionism: The Biggest Culprit of Procrastination Aug 27, 2020

Is perfectionism preventing you from making deadlines or finishing projects?

For some people, it keeps them from even getting started.

Procrastination is a symptom of something else. It’s a behavior that results from something going on in our heads preventing us from taking action.



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A Closer Look At Procrastinating (Start, Middle & End) & What To Do - 033 Aug 14, 2017

Welcome to the thirty-third episode of Harness Your ADHD Power, a podcast show I created to explore the many facets of adult life with ADHD and how you can learn to harness your personal ADHD power to become unstoppable.

If you’ve been trying to solve your procrastination challenges...

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What Is Your Procrastination A Symptom Of? - 004 Apr 30, 2017

Welcome to the fourth episode of Harness Your ADHD Power, a podcast I created to explore the many facets of adult ADHD life and how we can learn to become unstoppable.

Procrastination is probably one of the most commonly cited problems people have, whether they have ADHD or not. ...

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