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Small steps lead to massive change

Are you ready for something different?

It’s time to realize your potential, honor your dreams, and live a life of purpose.

ADHD is a term hurled at children struggling to achieve in school—poor grades, acting out, inattentiveness, hyperactivity, lack of motivation...

But what about the parent but who can’t keep their house clean and organized no matter how much they try?

What about the brilliant, creative professional who simply can’t depend on their intelligence to show up to work with them?

What about the rule-followers full of quiet, nervous energy and anxiety?

I’ve been there.

I’m Dr B, lifetime ADDer, licensed MFT therapist, certified ADHD Coach and Executive Function Skills & Strategies coach, podcaster & educator. 

Growing up play was easy; school was hard. 

Wandering around, inventing new things to play with, and jumping off of rooftops all came naturally to me. But anything that required focus, follow-through, and long-term attention… well, let’s just say it took me 15 years to finish a four-year undergraduate degree.

Eventually, the train ran off the rails. I entered a few dark years of substance abuse. I was twice divorced, drowning in codependency and other not-so-pleasant behavioral addictions.

Hitting bottom led me to recovery, and recovery led me to therapy. 

I hoped therapy would help me find a path forward.

Unfortunately, it did not.

None of the mental health professionals I saw had training or education in ADHD and Executive Function.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but those two things were at the core of all of my challenges. 

It’s hard to get the help you need when you are supposed to outgrow your behavior when you outgrow the school books.

My most significant challenge went unnamed for over 40 years.

I did get some other names...labels, really...Anxiety. Depression. Panic Attacks. Learning Disability. High-Maintenance. Underperformer. 


I’m not broken.  I was never broken. And neither are you. 

 You’re just missing the tools you need to be successful. Just like I was!



But how are you ever going to shake the Ground Hog Day Syndrome of wake up, fail, repeat when no one asks the right questions and your doctor thinks medication alone is the solution?


That’s where I come in.

"I spent the first 50 years wondering what was wrong with me. Why am I not like my other friends, am I broken?  In one year working with Dr B, I’ve been able to change the things in my life that used to keep me from succeeding.

Now my life after 60 will be so much better than it was before 60. My relationships are better, my work and personal life have dramatically improved because of what I learned in the ADDventures program."

~ Mario

As a psychotherapist for over 30 years, certified ADHD Coach, international ADHD researcher, and fellow ADDer, I’ve developed a method that has helped hundreds of my students work through their chaos and overwhelm to find a calm, organized, and colorful life.

I started ADDventures in Achievement because I saw a huge gap in the world of coaching and therapy. 

No one was focusing on the foundation of all of our challenges: Executive Function Skills.

These core life skills are the guiding tools necessary for

  • Planning ahead
  • Focus
  • Follow-through
  • Organization
  • Managing time
  • Emotional Regulation

To name a few.

"Working with Dr B has been helpful, encouraging and has inspired real change in my life. Because of steps she encouraged me to take, there are several tangible achievements she helped me accomplish: following up on a job opening and getting hired on the spot, changing my perspective on tasks I dreaded to instead addressing them promptly and with ease, and learning to be a kind encourager to myself, treating myself with care. I am forever grateful for her willingness to be transparent."

~ R.O.

Imagine a life where you invite in your unannounced neighbor instead of keeping them on the front porch to avoid the Clutter Walk of Shame.  Imagine a life where your plans become actions, your calendar is your best friend (not your worst enemy), and your kids finally believe your promise is a promise.

Are you ready for that life? It’s there waiting for you. But you’ll never have to do it alone.

That’s why I developed ADDventures In Achievement: THE most comprehensive coaching and training program for adults struggling with ADHD and Executive Functioning. I help you develop the systems and habits that calm the chaos and the overwhelm. Your brain isn’t deficient, but it does need something different.

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I’ve never been one for stillness, activity is my rest! 

When I’m not coaching, curriculum building, or podcasting, you can find me taking a long walk with my best friend, therapy dog, and permanent sidekick, Pink, playing piano, working out, or tending to my rose gardens. I want to leave this world all used up, with my gifts and dreams out in the world, not tucked inside.

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