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Which one will you grab first, so that you can get UNSTUCK?

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Decision-Making Made Easy

7 Steps To Making Quality Decisions That Free You From Regret, Second-Guessing, and Costly Mistakes!

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Time Management Secrets

A Proven Method For Making Time Your Ally!  How To Accomplish The Things You Need To Do Everyday...

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Procrastination Banished

Learn How To Manage Life Successfully Without Stalling Out AND Without Leaving Things Unfinished!

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MasterClass Series "Bundle Discount" - Get all 3 and save almost $100

Each of the MasterClasses target a common area that many people just like you struggle with.  To help you increase your Executive Function skills, Dr B combines a number of the Executive Function skills taught in the AIA-FS program in each of the MasterClasses.

If you’re struggling, these MasterClasses are an excellent way to tackle a specific challenge in your life. PLUS, they are an affordable, unique opportunity to work with me for a 30-day period.

Start by developing your Executive Function skills now - whether you struggle with time management, decision-making, or procrastination - these MasterClasses will help you learn: 

  • What you need to know to get your desired outcome
  • How to make small, impactful changes in your life
  • How to change your future through improved Executive Function skills
  • How to get mental clarity instead of brain fog

Don’t wait for the next open enrollment for the ADDventures In Achievement Foundational Skills Program (AIA-FS) - invest in the MasterClasses and begin working on one specific problem area in your life now.

You will have a jump start on the development of pre-skills, helping you to be even more successful in AIA-FS, if you choose to enroll.

Working through the training and methodology in each MasterClass via the private online forum gives you the opportunity to start working with me right away.  And, if you purchased a MasterClass on 12/18/21 or after, we have added one (1) live group coaching call for additional support.

You’ll receive invaluable direct feedback and support on your progress for 30 days - with each MasterClass.

And your access to the MasterClass training videos and workbooks never expires.   


➡️ You get to continue working with these 3 MasterClasses once you are enrolled in AIA-FS, in addition to the 13 Executive Function Skills training.

➡️ As a MasterClass student, you are given access to early enrollment in the next AIA-FS program, and priority Executive Function Assessment processing.

And You’ll Grow!

You can also purchase the Bundle or individual MasterClasses without going into the AIA-FS program.