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I help gifted underachievers with ADHD learn the core executive function skills they need to help them achieve their dreams and truly enjoy their life.

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If you stare at the wall for hours without blinking, but get distracted by a leaf...

If you feel like you have more in common with your cat than your boss...

If you feel like you're drowning in piles of paper...


You might be missing some Executive Function skills.

Up to 85% of children diagnosed with ADHD (formerly ADD) never grow out of it, yet only 10% of adults with ADHD receive treatment.

When your brain is a runway train, focus, task management, and emotional regulation skills don't exactly come easy.

If you have underdeveloped Executive Function skills, you may not have the tools in your arsenal to function the way you want. 

How could you? You’ve never been taught. At least, not yet...

You are not destined to a life of paper clutter, missed meetings, and lost keys (for the fifth time today)

No matter how many times you’ve tried before, no matter how many self-help books have failed you, it’s not too late. The skills and strategies you need to live fully are available to you.

Your Journey to the Empowered Achiever Effect:

Living Beyond ADHD Podcast

The transformational podcast offering education, tools, and HOPE to adults living with ADHD & Executive Function challenges. On the podcast, Dr B loves answering your questions! Click here to let her know what you want to hear more about.

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13 Signs Weak Executive Functioning is Holding You Back

Ready to find out if underdeveloped Executive Function skills are preventing you from reaching your professional goals? Then download the "13 Signs Weak Executive Functioning is Holding You Back" PDF!


ADDventures In Achievement

AIA-FS is a 7-month transformational online program for bright gifted professionals with ADHD who have tried everything else and are tired of ineffective solutions. Click below to learn more.

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About Dr B

I’m the host and producer of the podcast, Living Beyond ADHD. I’m also a transformational educator, coach, psychotherapist and founder of the ADDventures In Achievement Foundational Skills Program (AIA-FS). 

Like you, I am a professional with ADHD who’s spent a lot of time, effort and energy looking for solutions to my own struggles. I’ve discovered quick-fixes, medication, therapy and typical coaching are only band-aids. And some are very expensive band- aids, not only costing us financially, but also physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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