ADDventures In Achievement 

with Dr B

An Online Program for Adults Suffering from Underdeveloped Executive Function Skills Who Are Ready to Live the Lives of Their Dreams. 

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Are you ready to:

...make your life easier with better Decision-Making skills?  Effective Time Management skills?  Banish Procrastination?  

...develop the practical skill sets you need to organize clutter, time and schedules?

...rise above your brain’s factory settings so you can finally reach your potential at work and at home?

...regulate impulsivity and intense emotions to minimize overwhelm?

...maximize your calendar so you can keep your promises to yourself and your family?

I’m so glad you’re here!

You CAN overcome your challenges once you understand their root causes.  

AIA-FS will show you how to master simple solutions and develop the powerful habits that create a new way of living. 

Get ready to love your creative brain.

ADDventures In Achievement has the tools you need to build a successful and satisfying life!  

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"I was able to tell early on that this is exactly what I needed. The group format allows me to learn with and from others. 

Thank you, Dr B for creating a complete package that assists me in expanding my knowledge of executive functioning, emotional growth and good self-care which assists me in my pursuits of self-improvement. You are genuinely interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise to help make changes and opportunities for me to make greater strides in living my best life.

The investment in this unique program offers real-time assistance, which makes this program highly valuable and delivers such great benefits." 

~ Leslie

ADDventures In Achievement

1 - Assess

Your ADDventures In Achievement journey begins with a personalized assessment of your Executive Function skills, and a Debriefing session with me to understand how to interpret your results.  You also have the opportunity to type up 2-pages (max) of background information about yourself that would be important and relevant for me to know in working with you in the program.  


2 - Curriculum and Coaching

Now that you know where you are starting, it’s time to move forward with a step-by-step skill-building process so that you can work towards your goals and perform at an optimal level.  We start with 4-weeks of Immersive Training in Decision-Making, Time Management and Banishing Procrastination, and then transition into the training and coaching on the 13 foundational Executive Function skills.

The curriculum inside AIA helps you understand the interesting and unique ways your brain works and gives you the systems, steps, and strategies to strengthen each Executive Function Skill, one by one. 

Just having a clear game plan isn’t enough to take successful action and do the consistent lifework necessary to effect real change. The Executive Function training and live group coaching helps you implement, learn, and adjust as you work to create new habits to strengthen your skills and improve your quality of life. You’ll get real-time hours directly with me to work through your struggles and move towards your goals.


3 - Community

You won't do the work alone. Inside AIA you’ll find a private, student-only forum where you can receive additional written coaching and support from me.  Whether you are posting challenges and frustrations, asking questions, sharing wins, or showing support for others working through the same issues, I will be there with you. You’ll have 24/7 access to a group of non-judgmental community of peers to cry, laugh, and celebrate with as you walk through the journey together.

ADDventures In Achievement is for anyone:

  • Struggling with organization, planning, time management, focus, follow-through, and overwhelm.
  • Ready to do the work and practice the skills to dramatically change their life.
  • Who has tried therapy and self-help books and still can’t seem to get the transformation they want.


You may not be ready for this comprehensive program if you’re not ready to be open-minded and coached. We get creative in AIA, we try new things to get new results, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life is too short for that!

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ADDventures In Achievement 

with Dr B

An Online Program for Adults Suffering from Underdeveloped Executive Function Skills Who Are Ready to Live the Lives of Their Dreams. 

Don’t miss out, AIA only opens 2x a year!

Ready to change your life?  Our next program starts January 2022 - get more information now!

If you are serious about transforming your life... 

Get more information for January 26, 2022 NOW!



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Life with ADHD can be painful.

Whether it’s the endless to-do list looming over your head, the clothes covering your floor like a carpet, the overdue oil change, or your grouchy spouse, disappointed because you forgot to show up...again...

...the feeling of shame can be overwhelming.

When you’ve lacked the skills you need your whole life, change feels harder than climbing Mt. Everest.

Of course it feels impossible. You’ve never been taught, you’ve never worked those muscles, and you were never meant to do it alone!

You have a gift to share.

With my proven process, we’ll work together to build up your skillset one piece at a time until you have the tools you need to move from barely surviving to thriving in a life you love.

Productive. Calm. Creative.

A Few Questions You May Have...

"In just a matter of one 1:1 session and two workshops with Dr. B, I feel like I'm starting to be myself again. I still have a long way to go related to dealing with my ADHD, but I know that I'm on the right path as long as I stick with ADDventures in Achievement.

Just weeks before I signed-up, I was feeling depressed and very frustrated with myself in how I'm handling even the minor daily tasks and responsibilities I have both at home and at work. Dr B has enlightened me about many things that I really needed to hear and made such a difference already. She doesn’t just listen, she gives solutions!  And solutions that are effective and make sense!”

~ F.P.

Hi! I'm Dr B!

With over 30 years of experience as a licensed therapist and a lifetime of experience with my own ADHD and Executive Function skill challenges, I coach bright, creative individuals to learn the strategies and systems that help them develop core life skills so they have the tools they need to live a beautifully transformed life. 

Most days you can find me coaching my brilliant students while my sidekick, Pink, snuggles on her bed next to me. When I’m not coaching, I’m outside in the warm California sun gardening next to my pool, taking long walks, and dreaming up new and creative ways to serve you.

I am the meaning maker of my life.  I believe in challenging the status quo.  I believe in thinking differently.  The way I challenge the status quo is by inspiring myself and others to see our differences are not disorders; to teach myself and others how to successfully do what inspires us, and help anyone whose guiding light is faint, to find their source of inspiration.

Everything I say and everything I do has to prove what I believe.  A WHY is just a belief; that's all it is.  Without tangible evidence, WHY is just a dream.  HOWs are the actions I take to realize my belief.  WHATs are the results of my actions - everything I say and do.

I am in my authenticity when my WHY, HOW and WHAT are in balance; when everything I say and everything I do I actually believe.

Dr. Barbara Cohen ADD/ADHD

"Where do I begin to tell you, the person looking into helping yourself, how wonderful this ADDventures program can be for your sanity and growth?

Being scattered, a common trait for people like you and me, is explained, nurtured, talked about. Solutions are offered. You learn at your own pace and with whatever explanations that you might need. For me, it was learning to pause and think before I made a decision and very often the decision would then be different after having paused.

The community of people that surround you and, with Dr B to guide you, is a WIN/WIN situation. Any and all of your emotions are welcomed at any time they show up. This is a safe place to grow and feel loved." 

~ S.W.