Say "GOOD-BYE" to overwhelm


This page is to acknowledge and celebrate my gratitude and blessings, for some of the people, places and things that have come into my life to support and guide me.

It takes a community of like-minds and like-values to give birth to life-changing spaces and content.  I have been blessed to be able to create such an in-person community as well as be part of such an online community.  Some of the common themes, in-person and online, are a sense of belonging, safety, a commitment to the success of all within the community, the living principle that no one gets left behind, celebrating WINS and gratitude expressed regularly.

I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie and formed beliefs that no one should be left behind; that if someone’s metaphorical barn burned down, we as a community need to step up and rebuild it.  We are all response-able to be there for each other, making sure that we all live well and transform our dreams into reality.


I am grateful to my mother, for her never-ending love for me, and her genuine interest, encouragement, and celebration of what I have embarked on as the most important part of my journey.  Her love and support live on in memory since January 2017.

I am grateful for the day that my crème-colored Golden Retriever, Pink, came into my life, to become my canine companion and teacher.  The lessons she teaches me are priceless!

ADHD LA Community:

I am grateful I said, “yes” in February 2013 when the ADHD LA meetup group needed a new facilitator.  I am grateful to this ADHD community, who supports us meeting monthly, to explore and grow into who we want to become; who published a quarterly newsletter driven by member content for several years; and who brought to life the ADD Squad for several years, my vision of a community of people reaching out to help one another and being helped by asking for help.  I am grateful to the L-ADD-ies who met with me for about a year, helping to tease out some important needs for ADHD adults.

Site Photography:

A heartfelt callout to Ingrid Urena, who did my first ever branding photoshoot.  She helped me be at ease and we capture some amazing photos of me and Pink!  Thank you for making my first photoshoot experience a great one!

Online Community:

I am grateful for my new online relationships; and the people I was privileged to meet in person recently.  

Kajabi - This would not have been possible without the amazing platform of Kajabi, co-founded by Kenny and Travis, and supported by the mighty Kajabi team.  Kajabi not only gave me a platform on which to meet and interact with all the awesome people I have met and continue to learn from, as well as a space to create my online presence to be of service world-wide to adults with ADHD and under-developed executive function skills; they gave me the opportunity to align myself with people of like-values and visions, which is priceless!

Catherine R. Dove - From the very beginning, Catherine stepped up to be of service to the Kajabi community. She formed a FB group for information sharing and support, created a course to help all us newbies understand the Kajabi platform from big picture to small details, and has continued to create the fundamental tools designed and taught with our success in mind.  She holds to the principle that no one will be left behind, as I do, and continually over delivers to ensure that is the case.  I am grateful for Catherine in my life. She is an person of like-values, which is priceless!

Tiffany Lee Bymaster - She is the support and nudge behind my willingness to risk going live on video. Without my active participation in the community of Lights, Camera, Branding with Coach Glitter, I'd still be sitting it out without live videos. And she like so many others I have had the good fortune to work with, gives freely of herself and her knowledge so that we all can be our very best on video.

Jim Fortin, Brandon LuceroJames Wedmore, Colin Boyd, and others that I've had the honor of learning from as well as those I've met at their live events.  It's all life-changing!


I am grateful for all the amazing clients I have the honor of working with each week, whether they have ADHD or not.  Over the years, each and every one of them has taught me at least one important lesson. 


May you all be blessed as you have blessed me, and may the years ahead continue to bring blessings as we serve those we love and care about - and put an end to the needless suffering!