A Dr B Success Story Highlighted in

ADDITUDE Inside the ADHD mind

How one Ivy League grad learned to communicate, concentrate and clear the clutter from her life with the help of Dr B


Jordana had problems with social development as well as keeping a job - all of it stemming from undiagnosed ADHD. 

Jordan's story is not unique.  Bright ADHD adults often develop innovative coping techniques to get through school and land great jobs.  At the same time, they may struggle with organization, financial issues and timeliness.  When they crash and burn, depression is often the first diagnosis when the underlying problem is actually ADHD.

"I wasn't depressed so much as unenergetic, unfocused, unmotivated, and confused.  

The ADHD diagnosis made sense."

In this ADDitude magazine interview, you will hear how Dr B helped Jordana develop specific life and work strategies that helped her overcome problems caused by her ADHD and underdeveloped executive function skills.