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Where's The Easy Button?

all blogs mindfulness self-care Feb 18, 2022

Carl Sagan called Earth a “pale blue dot.” I imagine looking at the Earth from the far reaches of outer space and seeing all the frenetic energy of billions of people going about their lives. But where are we going? So often it feels like we are spinning our wheels in a crazy cycle until we crash and burn, overwhelmed by all the demands on us. 

Do you ever feel like the proverbial hamster on a spinning wheel? 

Well, my frenetic friend, I used to, too. But I have a secret to share with you today: it doesn’t have to feel this way. 

It’s all about the pause. 

An easy and quick way to get more control over your work, your mind, and even your relationships is to install a pause button in your thinking. 

Before answering that off-the-wall request from your boss, pause. 

Before hitting play on the next Netflix episode, pause. 

Before grabbing that impulse item at the store, pause. 

Before sending that text you might regret, pause. 

When you are functioning on autopilot and totally in the moment, the pause gives your brain and your body a sliver of breathing space when you most need it. 

It only takes a nanosecond for you to ask the important question: Is this the right thing to do in this moment? Within that brief window of time, you are now in charge and can make the best decision for you. Again, nanoseconds. 

We know that there is no Easy Button for life, but hitting the pause button is a way to feel more in control. 

Personally, I pretend my pause button is attached to my belly button, and I’m not afraid to give my belly a little “pop” when I need to pause. (But, hey, I’ve always been a little weird.) 

So where are you going to install your pause button? It’s free, it’s invisible, and it’s invaluable. 

P.S. Carl Sagan also said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Use the pause to figure out what right path is waiting to be known by you.