Harness "Conscious Focusing" as Your Superpower! - 088

If you could get yourself to focus when and where you need to AND could shift your state or feelings so you feel like doing things you’ve planned, when it’s time to take action, would having those skills change your life?  If you’re like other adults I’ve asked over the years, the answer is a resounding yes.  But how?

You are where your attention is.  What you focus on grows.  You are the meaning maker in your life.  Your feelings are a direct result of your thinking.  You create your own reality; we all do. 

So…are you ready to harness your focus before your dreams gently slip through your fingers or you run out of steam and just quit?  I hope so.

Today I’m talking about one aspect of embracing your Superpower and becoming the visionary of your life.  That’s right - developing your Foresight and Conscious Focusing so you can connect with your ideas about how things can be different for you; how...

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