Are you Short on Foresight, Hindsight and Insight? - Episode 055

foresight hindsight insight Apr 29, 2018

Hey ADDers!  Do you see upcoming, potential disasters ahead of time, like you going over the cliff BEFORE you get anywhere near it?  Are you able to avert something negative BEFORE it happens because you remember what happened the last time?  Are you living a life that is less adrenaline driven because you’ve learned some important things about yourself?  For many of you the answer is no to most of these questions. It’s like your mind doesn’t yet know how to see into the future or benefit from the past.  This might be one of the reasons you get into the same trouble over and over again.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • What hindsight is and how you can develop it
  • What foresight is and how you can develop it
  • What insight is and how you can develop it
  • The importance of celebrating your WINS

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Ask Dr B - about Inattention, Clarity & Foresight - Episode 048

Hey ADDers! I’m so glad you could join me today, and I hope you’re enjoying the little changes I’ve been making to deliver more focused content on topics of importance to you, as well as the way in which that content is now being delivered. When I first launched this podcast show, I felt the format needed to have three stories to illustrate the points of information I was teaching because we all remember stories. I would think about the characters, the point of the stories and work to pull it all together in a way that I thought would be good for you as my listeners. Since I was making up all the stories that I shared with you; that was roughly 6 stories a week that I needed to create and organize. If you know anything about my background and challenges with writing, you know that this was a huge undertaking for me and I made it work and grew as a result.

I chose the topics of Inattention, Clarity and Foresight for today because I’ve received a lot of...

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