Foresight or Forward Thinking - an EF Skill to Help you Make Better Choices - 061

Hey ADDers! Foresight is the secret ingredient to success, because without foresight you cannot prepare for the future. With our fast-paced lives, it is becoming harder and harder to establish foresight because our world is changing faster than ever before. Are you someone who has no idea of what sort of world you should prepare for? And if that is you, have you given up and decided that you can’t know or do anything about your future? That you will just have to deal with the cards that get dealt to you over time? That’s you being “reactive” rather than “responsive” to the circumstances of your life.

If I'm describing your life, then this episode is for you!!

In this episode, I talk about:

  • What is personal foresight and how you can start to develop it
  • What is relationship foresight and how you can start to develop it
  • What is business foresight and how you can start to develop it
  • Get Unstuck!  Discover 9 Powerful Skills that...
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