ADHD is NOT a Gift Unless You Leverage It - 092

adhd gift Dec 21, 2021

Hearing that ADHD is a gift is hurtful and confusing to many adults.  In my Facebook group, whenever we create a post about ADHD being a gift, many members are angry because they don’t experience their ADHD as a gift at all. And, they are right.  Without well-developed Executive Functions skills, the gifts of ADHD aren’t available.  If you don’t take steps to more fully develop your EF skills, you could be locking yourself out of access to your creativity, unique problem-solving abilities, associative thinking, and seeing the possibilities in so many things in life.  And, you could be locking yourself into a lifetime sentence of underachieving, overwhelm, poor relationships, and so many other quality of life-threatening experiences.

Whether you are self-diagnosing or have received a diagnosis, there is so much that you have the power and control to change about the quality of your life IF someone would just tell you so.  Well, that someone...

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