EF Skill of Initiating - Starting and Following Through - 077

I love responding to questions and enjoyed being interviewed by Meredith for Real so much that I decided to change the format of my show to focusing on a topic and responding to questions about it.  So, if you have a topic you’d like me to talk about and half a dozen questions you’d like answered on that topic, submit your topic and 6 questions to me directly at: https://www.drbarbaracohen.com/ask-dr-b

If my podcast show is the first time you’ve been hearing about executive function skills and strategies, you are not alone.  If you’re an adult who received a diagnosis of adult ADHD, executive function skills should also have been assessed and discussed with you, in my humble opinion.  The odds of having executive function deficits along with ADHD are very high; in fact, almost a given that you will. 

Today’s episode is about the executive function skill of Initiating and some strategies to get you started on developing this...

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