Ask Dr B – about Later In Life Diagnosis, Having Hope & Becoming Successful - 032

Welcome to the fourteenth Ask Dr B episode, and the thirty-second episode overall of Harness Your ADHD Power, a podcast show I created to explore the many facets of adult life with ADHD and how you can learn to harness your personal ADHD power to become unstoppable.

I’m so glad you could join me today for my podcast show.  We’ve got a tighter format, hot topics and clear steps to take starting today, so let’s get to it.

So many of the adults I work with or dialogue with have been diagnosed later in life.  There are many reasons for this and it’s not the end of the world; far from it - it’s the beginning of your new life.  Borrowing a phrase from the Foreword to the First Edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous - “recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body” is what comes to mind when I think of ADHD and Executive Function Deficits.  Many adults have lived or continue to live in a...

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