Ask Dr B - about Best Diets for ADHD & Depression or Anxiety Misdiagnosed As ADHD - 042

Welcome to the nineteenth Ask Dr B episode, and the forty-second episode overall of Harness Your ADHD Power, a podcast show I created to explore the many facets of adult life with ADHD and how you can learn to harness your personal ADHD power to become unstoppable.

I’m so glad you could join me today!  I’m trying out a different format today and have two great topics for you as well, so let’s get to it! 

Last fall I learned how to go live on video; no small feat for sure.  I’ve been pretty consistent since then, and June of this year, I was asked to answer questions for groups and so I opted to do Ask Dr B live videos 3x/week and have done so since June of this year.  There have been a lot of great questions I’ve been asked and already responded to and thought I’d start sharing that information with you in the Ask Dr B episodes of my podcast show, so you can benefit from what’s already out there but you might have missed; or not watched if you prefer listening to podcasts.  So, we’ll see how it goes and if this meets your needs.  I’d love it if you’d email me or post reviews so I can know if I am meeting your needs with this different approach for the Thursday Ask Dr B episodes.  Thanks so much!

WAITLIST for ADDventures in Achievement

Every WIN you acknowledge and celebrate with emotional authenticity, is changing your neurology, meanings and mindset in a positive way.  The proof is in the posts I read regularly in the program site and the community group.  Seems like a great return on your time investment.

Please don't short-change yourself by thinking that it’s pointless or stupid to reward yourself for things you’re “supposed to do.”  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Are you really going to wait until something HUGE happens to celebrate?  Does something HUGE happen everyday?  Probably not!  But the kind of WINS I’m talking about do.  And based on the feedback I get from the students in my program, this regular practice of celebrating their WINS is changing their lives.

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A Favorite Quote:

There’s an anonymous quote that says, “What is the shortest word in the English language that contains the letters:  ABCDEF?  Answer:  feedback.  Don’t forget that feedback is one of the essential elements of good communication.” The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is “Are you willing to give yourself loving and supportive feedback instead of feedback that’s negative and critical of you?”  I hope so; it will make a world of difference in your relationships with others and with yourself.


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