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Cut The Confusion About Getting Started & Get More Productive - 015

podcast productivity Jun 12, 2017

Welcome to the fifteenth episode of Harness Your ADHD Power, a podcast show I created to explore the many facets of adult life with ADHD and how you can learn to harness your personal ADHD power to become unstoppable.

Today’s episode goes deeper into one of the multi-level topics from episode 013 – “Cut the Chaos & Get More Productive.”  I’m focusing on “getting started” first, because it’s a huge problem for many of you.  And even though I’ve heard repeatedly how many of you can do okay once you get started, I know from observations and experience that isn’t necessarily the case.  So, whether you don’t know how or where to start or what to do a step or two after you’ve gotten started, listen up, because you can learn.

It’s like deciding to go to university and study or major in something specific, such as psychology.  What’s great is the path is already laid out for you.  If you want a B.A. in psychology, this is the path, with a few options.  If you want a B.S. in science, this is the path, with a few options.  You just need to follow the path and you achieve the goal of your degree.

Now, there are other issues such as following through on attending classes, doing the homework and taking the exams, however, that is a different set of challenges that I can discuss in another podcast episode.

The point is that the structure is already there for you; you don’t have to create it before you can get started; you can just get started.  And, you don’t just take courses and see how they will “play out” for your degree.  You know in advance how it will “play out” if you follow the academic plan.

In this episode, I’m going to be taking a look at WHY it can be so difficult to get started, as well as keep going once you start.  AND – Knowing is only the first step; the next step is taking action on what you know to get new results and fine tune your process and results as you go along.  It is a process, so please don’t let yourself off the hook here with taking action once, not getting the results you hoped for, and stopping there.  Really?!  Keep going!!

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