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Figuring Out Where To Start When So Much Needs Your Attention Now - 027

adhd podcast Jul 24, 2017

Welcome to the twenty-seventh episode of Harness Your ADHD Power, a podcast show I created to explore the many facets of adult life with ADHD and how you can learn to harness your personal ADHD power to become unstoppable.

I’m going to approach this topic of triaging all the urgent and important things in your lives with some introductory information and then move into my traditional format with stories, action steps and a favorite quote, as always.  This might go a little longer than my usual episodes because there’s so much to cover, so pace yourself.

What’s very important to note here is that there are going to be plenty of what I call “pre-skills” that you are going to need to learn in order to do those things that you want and need to do.  The “pre-skills” you will need are going to be very unique to you, as everyone’s missing different pieces of the puzzle so to speak.

As I’m mentioned in another episode, a lot of the self-help books have “assumed” that we know how to do certain things that we do not, and because we don’t know how to do those things first, we are not able to do what the task at hand is in the self-help book.  To me that’s the missing “pre-skill.”

If you can’t see the difference in urgency or value of 12 things on your plate, then how can you prioritize them?  If you don’t understand how to create a sequence and move from thing to thing, how can you put together a day’s worth of tasks and follow through on them?  If you are filled with self-doubt when it comes to making decisions, how can you move forward and decide what’s best for you, if you don’t trust your decisions?  

What I can tell you is that one of the reasons I created my innovative online program, ADDventures in Achievement, is exactly for this reason.  I know just how complex this challenge is, as well as the many other challenges that those of you with focus, follow through and self-management issues face, and I wanted to create a safe and productive space where we could work together, both as a community group as well as 1:1, to ensure that each and every one of you gets what you need to sort out your own unique set of circumstances as well as the solutions to them.

In this episode, I’m going to be taking a deeper look at Figuring Out Where To Start When So Much Needs Your Attention NOW and help you to find your starting point.  Yes, there will be a starting point for each of you once you get clear on where you really are starting from in your life currently.  And your starting point may not be where you said it was or wish it were; but it will truly be your starting point.  Skipping over important pieces and trying to step up sooner than is true for you will not serve you and will only further sabotage your efforts for a better life.  You’re just going to have to start where you are.  Really, where else can you start other than there?

Developing your Executive Function Skills and shifting your limiting beliefs is the fastest and most effective way to overcome ADHD limitations, find focus, gain confidence, and newfound freedom in your life!

My mission is to put an end to the worldwide needless suffering of adults with ADHD and those with under-developed Executive Function Skills - whether from ADHD, chronic depression or anxiety, trauma, addictions, or chronic illnesses.  And, you don't need a formal diagnosis to know you need help developing these executive function skills in order to greatly reduce your suffering.

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