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help yourself hope Sep 18, 2017

Hey ADDers! I’m so glad you could join me for today. As Jim Rohn said, “For things to change, you have to change.” He was referring to your attitude and your mindset. Seriously! So let’s get to it!

HOPE is essential for you to achieve beyond your current limits. If you don’t have HOPE that your life can be different, then you must borrow my HOPE. I have an abundance of HOPE, and will gladly loan you as much as you need until you have restored your own.

When it comes to HOPE, there are two groups of people: High HOPE people and Low HOPE people. Let me tell you a little bit about each of them. High HOPE people set difficult goals for themselves and have several goals in different life areas at the same time. They embrace their goals and view them as welcome challenges. They use their goals as mental touchstones for success, direct their attention and effort to the demands of the situation, and are spurred on by obstacles to greater effort. They think of alternative routes to their goals when things get tough, and they are getting blocked. They apply themselves to the path that is most likely to work for them. They have a strong connection to their life goals and expect to obtain excellent returns on their mental investments. And they are typically optimistic, have a sense of control over their life, good problem-solving abilities, high self-esteem, and a positive mood.

Low HOPE people tend to quit because they are not trained to think of alternative routes; they have one route and they go that route. They do not actively pursue goals and are more concerned with protecting themselves than striking out to achieve. They are typically pessimistic, have no real sense of control over their life, have limited problem-solving abilities, lower self-esteem, and have a less positive mood. And, they tend to believe that things are tougher than they really are. This creates stress and a narrow vision of how best to go about solving the problem.

In this episode, I’m going to talk about how you can make the changes you need to make so things can change of you for the better.

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In the program, you’ll learn from my 30+ years of experience in weekly coaching calls, workshops, and a private forum space for deep personal work with other like-minded adults where you have access to me 6 days a week for support, solutions and accountability.  I don’t believe in Band-Aids that will only disappear down the road.  I believe in helping you move from stuck to unstoppable by getting to whatever you’re missing and need to learn.  We’ve all had a belly full of judgment, criticism and punishment, whether it’s come from others or ourselves.  I encourage you to break free of that life and join us for your ADDventures in Achievement™.  Until then, become part of the Facebook community I created, Living Beyond ADHD, where I go live for Q & A about your most pressing issues as an adult with ADHD.

Developing your Executive Function Skills and shifting your limiting beliefs is the fastest and most effective way to overcome ADHD limitations, find focus, gain confidence, and newfound freedom in your life!

My mission is to put an end to the worldwide needless suffering of adults with ADHD and those with under-developed Executive Function Skills - whether from ADHD, chronic depression or anxiety, trauma, addictions, or chronic illnesses.  And, you don't need a formal diagnosis to know you need help developing these executive function skills in order to greatly reduce your suffering.

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