Life Is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans - 041

Hey ADDers!  I’m so glad you could join me today.  You know, if you don’t find a way to stay present every day and have some sort of tracking system for your important goals, then your life unfolds in kind of a haphazard way and those important goals might never be realized; which would be awful.

Years ago an anonymous quote came into my life - “Set a goal SO BIG that you can’t achieve it until YOU GROW INTO THE PERSON WHO CAN.” I love this quote because it told me where to focus my efforts. 

It’s important to point out here that my focus was on each day, rather than some distant day when I had become the person I needed to be. Instead, day-by-day, I focused on what I could do each day to become more of that person. I asked myself what I could do each day that would advance me closer to becoming more of my best self; how could I challenge myself to strengthen and grow in the direction of becoming more of me. I was developing habits that would continue to serve me long after I became the person who could achieve the goal.

In this episode, I’m going explore three keys concepts that are important pieces when you are getting clear on designing and living a happier, productive and more successful life across all areas of your life.

It takes courage to own the truth of your life and transform it into something extraordinary, if it isn’t that already.  Acceptance isn’t resignation; it’s starting with what is and moving forward from there. 

That’s what we’re doing in the ADDventures in Achievement™ program.  If you’re tired of being stuck and ready to go after the happier and more productive life you want, come get on the Waitlist, as well as benefit from all the free resources until enrollment opens again.  

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In the program, you’ll learn from my 30+ years of experience in weekly coaching calls, workshops, and a private forum space for deep personal work with other like-minded adults where you have access to me 6 days a week for support, solutions and accountability.  I don’t believe in Band-Aids that will only disappear down the road.  I believe in helping you move from stuck to unstoppable by getting to whatever you’re missing and need to learn.  We’ve all had a belly full of judgment, criticism and punishment, whether it’s come from others or ourselves.  I encourage you to break free of that life and join us for your ADDventures in Achievement™.  Until then, become part of the Facebook community I created, Living Beyond ADHD, where I go live once a week for Q & A about your most pressing issues as an adult with ADHD.

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A Favorite Quote:

E. James Rohn said, “Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.”  The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is, “Are you willing to decide on what your “good enough reason” or motivation will be to get you started and then cultivate the habits to keep you moving in the direction of your goals?“   I hope so because it will change your life forever!


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