Does Everyone Who Gets a Diagnosis Do Better in Life Because of It - 087

diagnosis Aug 31, 2021

I pursued an ADHD diagnosis with many professionals, only to be refused an assessment with two and granted an assessment with one who decided there was nothing significantly amiss with me – just a little anxiety.

Seriously?!  The two that turned me away said it would be a waste of time (whose time?) to assess me and the one that did, asked questions and did testing that would never have confirmed a diagnosis because they weren’t properly trained to assess me as an adult woman.  It was very discouraging.

Peri-menopause was the great equalizer.  When my brain function went offline, all the skills and strategies I had successfully used prior to that hormonal shift stopped working for me.  I had developed my EF skills well enough to get my education and successfully serve clients in my private practice, however, my skills weren’t developed in the methodical manner I developed them after “my cognitive fall.”  What a gift that time...

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