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What If We’re Doing It All Backwards and Wrong - 105 Jul 06, 2022

What if we're doing it all backwards and wrong?

People start identifying that they have ADHD and they want to fix it.  Or people start identifying they have underdeveloped executive function skills and they want to fix it.  And everything is oriented towards fixing something that's...

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Stop Quitting Before the Miracles Happen - 104 Jun 20, 2022

There’s a difference between what you say you want and what you say you intend to have.  One is “desire” and the other is “it will happen.”  When we set our intention, we are willing to go to any lengths for it to happen.  We are willing to become a...

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A Student Case Study: The UK Access to Work Grant Application Process Jun 17, 2022

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the Access to Work Grant (ATW). This UK-program grant comes under the Government Department of Pensions. It is specifically designed to offer assistance if you have a ‘disability’ or ‘health condition’ that hinders your...

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The Correlation Between Your Adult Capabilities and Your Success– 103 May 30, 2022

Let’s jump straight to what’s important here.  You definitely need certain capabilities to succeed in life.  These capabilities help you to get and keep a job, provide appropriate care for children, manage a household and contribute meaningfully to your community. ...

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What's Missing In Your ADHD Treatment Plan? May 21, 2022

First, the Facts about Adult ADHD...

Did you know that ADHD diagnoses among U.S. adults are growing four times faster than are ADHD diagnoses among children (26.4% increase among children compared to 123.3% among adults.) (1)

Also, according to some sources fewer than 20% of adults with ADHD are...

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How To Take a Leap Of Faith May 07, 2022

I spend a lot of time talking with people about the changes they want to see in their lives and about the person that they’re trying to become someday. So much time is wasted on the idea of ‘someday this or someday that” in our lives. For most, “someday” is no day at...

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A Casual Chat with You About Developing Your EF Skills – 102 May 04, 2022

Are you on the Information List for the ADDventures In Achievement Program? If you are, then you've been receiving some exclusive emails this week. As I was reviewing the emails you've been receiving again, I was thinking about how easy it would be for you to not believe what I'm saying in the...

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Healing the Stories that Bind You to Suffering – 101 Apr 26, 2022

Have you been suffering long enough? Whether your suffering is due to your limiting beliefs or outdated identities or missing pre-skills or underdeveloped EF skills – if you’re suffering, then you’re suffering – no matter which of these are the source of your suffering.


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The 5 Ways of Coaching Apr 23, 2022

Maybe you remember your favorite coach--the one who believed in you, who saw in you what you could not see in yourself? That coach pushed you to try new things, to move a little faster, and to dig a little deeper within yourself–all so that you’d become stronger. We can all appreciate...

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7 Myths of Executive Functioning Apr 09, 2022

What do you think of when you hear the terms “Executive Functioning” or “Executive Function skills?” 

It sounds like language reserved for high-level professionals, CEOs, VPs and other upper-level management positions, doesn’t it?

Or maybe its language used in...

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