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Three Steps to Getting Organized (the fun way!) - 065 Nov 08, 2019

Hey ADDers! So glad you could join me for today’s episode about getting organized – the fun way. If you’re like other adults with ADHD and under-developed executive function life skills, you may be thinking, “no way can getting organized be fun!” And then...

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Understanding Executive Functions - 064 Sep 30, 2019

Hey ADDers!  Many of you are living without well-developed executive function skills and strategies and perhaps don’t know it.  Or maybe you do…but you don’t know what can be done.  You’ve had these struggles in one form or another for most of your life...

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Recovering from a Seemingly Hopeless State of Mind and Body - 063 Jun 18, 2019

Hey ADDers!  We’re going to start off a little different today and look at a correlation I’ve been thinking about for some time.

The title of today’s episode comes from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and pertains to more than just those in recovery from...

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How to Thrive with your ADHD Brain - 062 May 29, 2019

Hey ADDers! Do you feel as if you’re on a runaway train? Is valuable time – and your life – passing you by in the blink of an eye? Do you feel lost or overwhelmed because you’re not getting the important things done in your life?

I was once there, too. I spent thousands...

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Foresight or Forward Thinking - an EF Skill to Help you Make Better Choices - 061 Apr 03, 2019

Hey ADDers! Foresight is the secret ingredient to success, because without foresight you cannot prepare for the future. With our fast-paced lives, it is becoming harder and harder to establish foresight because our world is changing faster than ever before. Are you someone who has no idea of...

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Executive Function Skill of Shifting - It's Really Important to Master - 060 Oct 05, 2018

Hey ADDers! Do you have trouble “shifting” from your current task to the next task? Or maybe you have the opposite problem – where you are shifting way too quickly from thing to thing and leaving a trail of unfinished tasks in your wake. Even though most of the executive...

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Ask Dr B about Relationships: My ADHD Makes All Kinds of Relationships Hard - 059 Sep 18, 2018

Hey ADDers! If you’re married, living together, dating, have close friends or it’s you and you…these are all different forms of relationships that you are in. And where there are relationships, there are potential challenges and delightful times to be shared.

I look at...

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Executive Function Skill of Inhibit – There’s more to it than you might think - 058 Aug 02, 2018

Hey ADDers! Do you have trouble “inhibiting” your impulses? Even though most of the executive function assessments typically look at the behavioral stuff, like blurting out, touching things you shouldn’t, cutting people off and more, to me there is so much more to understanding...

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Executive Function Assessments, Skills and Strategies - 057 Jun 04, 2018

Hey ADDers!  As adults, we need certain capabilities to succeed in life - this success being things like responsibly raising children, getting and keeping a job, managing a household and contributing to our communities.  Without these capabilities, our successes are iffy at best. ...

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Ask Dr B about Distractibility and People's Disbelief that ADHD is Real - 056 May 06, 2018

Hey ADDers!  Do you have trouble getting yourself to focus on things you need or want to focus on?  Do you even know what the right things are to be focusing on?  And what about following through?  Is that something that comes easily to you or do you have years of projects or...

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